About Our Club

Woot- Woot-Wooters Runners is a social running club in Newcastle. 

We love running. 
We love Newcastle. 
We also love coffee (and beer).
And we want to share these loves with EVERYONE!!!

Our main goal is to help people find FUN and JOY in running!

We are an open and accepting group, with a whole spectrum of runners in the posse- from runner/walkers, to those training for Ultramarathons!! 

We would love for you to get involved- we have a range of regular events (that cater for a wide range of fitness levels), but also encourage you to use this group as a forum for organising spontaneous runs- if you are planning on heading out for anything from a slow stroll to a long trail run- why not post it in the group... You may just find yourself a buddy to join you!!

Get involved Wootbags, and feel the love!!!


As the group grows (which we love), we are starting to put on some regular, larger (and awesome) events- such as the Wooters-not- a-race in the Watagans, in addition to our usual runs (Wootervals, Owls and Possums, Social runs, Scavenger Hunt, and Wooter Tourism). 

Also, with our ever burgeoning numbers, we are hoping to give all our members a bit more of a say in the running of the club, and an opportunity (for those who want to) to get involved!

As of July 2019 we have registered Wooters Runners as an entity. Read more about this on the incorporated assocation page.

Origin Story

One fine day in 2012 in Newcastle, Australia a group of friends decided to go for a run... fast forward and we're a community running club laugh